Networked Sensors (IoT) Services in NYC

Connect, manage, and control your devices from a single platform

Deploying and managing mission-critical devices can be complex and daunting. Tech Alliance makes it easy.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of internet-connected devices that collect and exchange data. For property management businesses like yours, the IoT presents an opportunity to automate repetitive tasks, streamline workflow, and save energy and money. Tech Alliance offers a comprehensive suite of IoT systems and networked sensors that allow you to control and manage building systems from a central controlling hub.

Networked sensors from Tech Alliance provide:

  • Multi-layered protection - protect your data and secure your IoT devices with robust encryption
  • 24/7 availability - our experts identify and resolve any issues with remote diagnostics and real-time insights
  • Enhanced connectivity - establish connections between your devices and applications
  • Reduced costs - save money on energy bills

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