Office Technology Relocation in New York

We specialize in the relocation of computer networks, telephone systems, and office cabling.

Our experts work with your architect and general contractor to ensure that your network infrastructure is organized according to your construction plan. We manage the relocation of your computer equipment and telecommunication circuits to ensure the smooth transition of your network to a new location.

Our it relocation & office moves helps you:

  • Avoid defects in materials and workmanship
  • Design, engineer, and install copper and fiber optic cabling systems
  • Leverage our knowledge and expertise to build and maintain end-to-end wireless network connections throughout or between buildings
  • Combine voice and data systems on a single network infrastructure with VoIP

What Is An Office Relocation?

The cost of network relocation can vary, depending on the size of the move and the amount of equipment that needs to be relocated. The experts at Tech Alliance will assemble a proposal focusing on the following:

  • Network reconfiguration
  • Cable wiring
  • Hardware
  • Cost of the move, transportation, packing materials, etc.

We understand that office relocation in New York can be a stressful time for your business. This is why Tech Alliance leaves no stone unturned, and puts together a comprehensive strategy to make the move as flawless as possible.

Risks and Benefits of Office Relocations

When you move technology to a new office, it is certainly possible that something might go wrong; however, the experts at Tech Alliance take every precaution necessary to ensure that your office move is seamless. There are many benefits to office relocations as well, including providing more room for growth. There are also benefits to letting Tech Alliance take care of your office technology move. Some of our services include that can benefit you include:

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PC Disconnect/Reconnect Services

When moving to a new office location, it can involve some serious logistics to ensure that no data is lost, and that all equipment is relocated without sustaining damage. This is where Tech Alliance comes in. We provide office relocation services throughout the New York area, and take great pride in moving your office technology quickly and efficiently.

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Internet and Phones

Internet and phones are critical for any business; therefore, they must be installed correctly without fail. By trusting Tech Alliance with your move, you can be assured that your phone and internet systems are working properly, helping you reduce any downtime in your business and keeping you online 24/7.

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Do you use a conference room where you need audio and video for presentations and meetings? Tech Alliance can help you install televisions, low-voltage wiring, sound systems, and more! When you’re trying to impress a client, it’s critical that you have the correct equipment in place and that it is working properly. You can count on the experts at Tech Alliance to install all this equipment quickly and correctly.

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Preparing the Server Room

The server is the nucleus of your business, storing sensitive information which is critical for your business. Therefore, you need to ensure that you are properly preparing the server room to set up your business for success. You can trust Tech Alliance to ensure the equipment is installed correctly and maintained to reduce downtime and increase efficiency.

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Moving Your Business

When it comes to actually moving your equipment, Tech Alliance takes great care and ensures that it arrives at the new location safely. We ensure monitors, computers, printers, and any technology you own are properly packed for the move. We will safely transport your equipment to the new location, unpack it, and install it properly.

Technical Requirements for Office Relocation

So, what are the technical requirements for an office relocation? There are a few things you need to think about when carrying out your office technology move. Some of these include the following:

  • Connectivity: you need to consider the network capabilities of your new location, such as the phones, internet, and servers.
  • Compatibility: If you plan on purchasing some new IT equipment, it’s important to ensure it is compatible with the existing equipment. It’s important to know exactly what systems you have and which ones you want to upgrade.
  • Training: Do you need to train personnel to use this new equipment?
  • Growth in the Future: It’s important to take into account which technologies you are going to use in the future.

Get Help With Your IT and Office Move in NYC

Are you planning an office technology move in New York? Look no further than the experts at Tech Alliance for your IT relocation and office moves! We have experience moving many businesses and take great pride in delivering the absolute best experience possible.


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