IT Disaster Recovery Solutions in NYC

What is disaster recovery, and why it is important for your business? Learn more with the experts at Tech Alliance today!

Backup Disaster Recovery

Data loss and the inability to continue business operations immediately after a disaster can make or break your business.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just major events such as earthquakes and floods that can interrupt your business operations. Minor events are often overlooked too. Our Backup & Disaster Recovery solution makes sure that your critical data is backed up on remote servers, ensuring your business is able to get back up and running in minutes.

What Is Considered a Disaster?

Disasters are usually events that can prevent businesses from operating normally. These types of disasters could either be a natural event, such as a hurricane or any other storm, or a complete system failure. Some of the most common types of disasters that require some sort of recovery include:

Natural disasters

Cyber attacks

Power outages

Component failure

With Tech Alliance’s Backup & Disaster Recovery, you get:

  • Cloud-based data backup and daily monitoring to ensure security
  • Fast resolution of issues
  • Full server backups that restore servers in minutes
  • Data restoration tests to ensure backups are secure

Why Disaster Recovery Is Important

In the modern world, we continue to rely more and more on technology, and therefore, our businesses thrive on the use of electronic devices. When an outage occurs, it can severely affect our business’ ability to operate properly, or even at all. The importance of disaster recovery is becoming even more prominent due to the complexities of cloud computing. Many institutions count on these cloud services to conduct business daily, and when an issue occurs, it can prove to be catastrophic.

Therefore, having an actionable disaster recovery plan is critical. An effective disaster recovery plan will allow the business to quickly recover from an unexpected outage, with little to no interruption in services. Failure to have an effective plan in place could result in data loss, productivity issues, and lost revenue.

An Effective Disaster Recovery Plan

An effective disaster recovery plan is designed to reduce interruptions to key infrastructure, and get it back up and running in a timely manner. When you trust Tech Alliance, we will put together a three tiered recovery plan that includes:

  • Preventative measures, which are designed to ensure your systems are secure and a procedure is in place to prevent any potential disasters from occuring. The experts at Tech Alliance will backup important data, while keeping an eye on the system as a whole.
  • Detective measures are designed to detect and repair any potential issues as they occur live. This reduces any type of potential damage, and ensures that the systems recover quickly.
  • Corrective measures are designed to get the business up and running as quickly as possible, preventing any type of extended outage. This usually consists of the restoration of data and other systems.

What are The Different Types of Disaster Recovery?

There are a few different types of disaster recovery, and the type implemented is usually dependant on your business’ IT infrastructure. Let’s check out the different types of disaster recovery utilized by our experts:

  • Backups
  • Backups as a Service (BaaS)
  • Disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS)
  • Point-in-time snapshots
  • Virtual DR
  • Disaster recovery sites

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Benefits of Disaster Recovery

There are many benefits of disaster recovery, especially when you consider the reduced downtime your business will experience. Some of the most prominent benefits of disaster recovery include:

  • Reduced Costs: When you plan for any type of disaster, whether it be caused by mother nature or system failure, you, as a business can save hundreds of thousands of dollars by being prepared. Furthermore, it can often determine whether or not you fully recover from the effects of the disaster.
  • Quick Recovery: When a comprehensive plan is in place, businesses can recover from any type of disaster quickly, rather than having long periods of downtime in the event you are unprepared. Depending on the type of disaster recovery procedures in place, your business may even be able to continue operating as normal without any downtime at all.

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